Cleghorn Lighting

Cleghorn Lighting was founded over 21 years ago, to offer a comprehensive service manufacturing, restoring, and repairing traditional street lighting and street furniture. Since expanding, it is proud to continue to offer a service which is uniquely versatile and competitive, whilst maintaining the highest of standards.

Cleghorn Lighting has a long history of working with metal and the manufacturing process is still very traditional to preserve the historical aesthetics. Although some modern techniques and materials have been incorporated to ensure the best possible outcome, all products are individually assembled and quality checked to avoid inaccuracies in build or finish.


lantern restore before 400x600

Street Lanterns

Street Lanterns


sign windsor 400
English Heritage

Cleghorn Lighting is proud to work with English Heritage in the refurbishment of some of London’s most important historical street lighting and furniture structures. English Heritage recognise Cleghorn Lighting’s continued commitment to accurate detail and craftsmanship.