Cleghorn Lighting can restore your tired or broken lanterns and columns.

Lanterns can be shot blasted and repainted, glazing can be replaced and the lighting can be updated to modern standards. Broken detailing can also be fixed or re-made.

When restoring columns, we remove them from the ground, shot blast and re-paint them with thermoplastic coating. Steel tubes can be inserted to strengthen and bring them up to modern standards. This gives the best quality and most durable finish, whilst preserving the historical detailing and plaques. If removal is not feasible, our team can also clean and sand columns before painting and treating on site.

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lantern restore before 400x600
lantern restore 400x600
column restore before 400x600
column restore 400x600
Mornington before 400x600
Mornington 400x600
Gloucester before 400x600
Gloucester 400x600